Adult Prayer Easter Trail

Adult Prayer Sheet for Easter Trail

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Adult Easter Trail Walk   Pause, Pray and Reflect


These instructions include links to the Bible readings and some songs. If you bring the document along on a phone or tablet you can click through on these links during the trail.


1 Palm Sunday   John 12:12-16 (Saint Machars Ranfurly Church)


Look around for a leaf. In the Roman Empire, palm leaves were used as a symbol of victory. In Jewish tradition, palm leaves were used in celebrations and festivities. The triumphal entry of Jesus in Jerusalem had a religious significance: Long live the King” the people shouted joyfully because Jesus was fulfilling a prophecy. And a political significance: recognising Jesus as the Messiah meant the people would view him as a king, which was in direct conflict with the ideology of the Roman Empire (that a Roman Emperor is the only king). Jerusalem was conquered by the Romans in 63 BCE and the Jews wanted to be free from their invaders. They saw Jesus as their saviour; the Romans saw him as a traitor.

Prayer: God of Promise, we are taken by surprise at each Palm Sunday parade. We so want Jesus to be powerful, a ruler who will smite the world of all evil and make all things good and easy for us. But your Son comes in humility to serve and calls us to have the strength to be humble servants. May this leaf remind us that His kingship is that of a servant who loves us.


2 The Last Supper   Luke 22: 14-19  (Amaretto)


Jesus shared his last meal: bread and wine with His disciples. We cannot share our communion meal at the moment and that is hard for us. Jesus shares His life with us and asks us to do the same with others. Take time to think of people who are truly hungry.

Pray that we may know how to share our daily bread. Visit: Kindness Homeless Street Team - Glasgow  or Renfrewshire Foodbank  The next time you eat a meal, thank God that we meet with Him through the love of Jesus. Thank God for the food we eat.



3 Garden of Gethsemane   Matthew 26:36-41 (Houston Rd Park)


Gethsemane means oil press where olives are crushed for oil.

It is where the Son of Man would decide he would go on to be crushed for the sins of man. Death on a cross carries so much pain, yet here it is the loneliness that Jesus feels, because He feels so apart from God. He can choose to stop; but His love for us and for God means he chooses to go on. Jesus prayed to His Father. He was in darkness and despair, probably frightened and definitely lonely.

Take time to think about the agony of loneliness. Those who live alone; those who cannot be with family. Walk round the trees and pray for those who are lonely.  I stand amazed in the presence


4 Jesus’ arrest and trial   Matthew 26: 14-16 & Matthew 26: 47-68 (Primary School)


Jesus was betrayed by Judas, one of His own disciples, for 30 pieces of silver; taken to the Court of the High Priest; tried on trumped up charges; found guilty and was condemned to death.

Take a coin from your pocket and think about times when you may have betrayed Jesus and his love for you. Maybe it was a time where you were unkind to someone or were mean to a friend. Maybe you judged someone without knowing about their life or you joined in gossip. Do you need to be forgiven? We are all human, and sometimes we do not act as lovingly as we should, but Gods forgiveness is always there.

Judas did not understand what Jesus had come to do and he let guilt eat him up. He did not realise that all he had to do was come before God, his father, and say help me.

Pray the Lords Prayer and remember that you are forgiven.

Watch this YouTube video of Stellenbosch University Choir singing the Lords Prayer  


5 Jesus carries the cross   Mark 15: 16 -21 (the Glen)


Jesus, now wearing a crown of thorns, was made to carry His cross (likely the cross beam, weighing up to 50kg) to Golgotha, but collapsed under its weight. He was helped by Simon of Cyrene (todays Tripoli) who was coerced by the soldiers into carrying the cross. Simon from Cyrene was taking a pilgrimage to Jerusalem for the Passover Festival. The timing of this was anything but convenient” for him. We often try to fit Jesus into our lives. We actually need to fit our lives into Jesus. A life following Jesus will take us out of our comfort zones.

Find 2 twigs to make a cross (tie or hold it together). Take time to think where Jesus is in your life. Where is He calling you? Let people and places come into your mind, as God chooses.


6 Jesus nailed to the cross is crucified and dies   Luke 23: 26-49  (the Glen)


With nails through His hands and feet, Jesus was secured to the cross, suffered physical and emotional abuse from the soldiers & the crowds, and died an agonising death over 6 hrs. It is finished, with these words he died. And the curtain of the temple was torn in two from top to bottom.

Stand in silence and think who you would be in this story?

Without denying your feelings of grief or anxiety: Note signs of Gods glory in nature: bird singing; a tree budding; spring flowers; sunshine; cloud moving overhead; rainfall.  ‘Such Love


7 Jesus is laid in the tomb   Luke 23: 50-56 (bridge at cycle track near Beaton Bros)


Jesus is dead and lies in the arms of his mother. Joseph of Arimathea, a godly man, asked Pilate for Jesusbody, wrapped it in a clean cloth, placed in a tomb, and sealed it with a large rock. On the Saturday, everything was so still you could hear every little sound. Holy Saturday is a day of waiting, the world sighs and waits, and we wait in the nights darkness, longing for the morning, longing for the light.

Prayer for those we have lost: For our families and friends who have died, for ourselves as we carry their stories, those who have lost someone; those facing death alone or with strangers.

God in your mercy, hear our prayer.


8 Jesus raised from dead   Matthew 28: 1-6 (Freeland Church)


Mary Magdalene visits the tomb on the 3rd day but finds it empty. An angel tells her that Jesus has risen. Millions around the world have shared this joy for 2,000 years. 

Pray this thought with joy and celebration: CHRIST IS RISEN.  

Take a candle: Pray this prayer for yourself and all who you know: May the light of Christ, rising in glory, dispel the darkness of our hearts and minds.

Leave a short prayer for someone you know. We will pray this prayer alongside you.  ‘See What a Morning


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