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Many of you will have heard of this group (15 of us plus friends) which BUYS, SELLS and TELLS. Its aim over the years has been to support those in greatest need in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (O.P.T.) and Gaza – a chronic need but at the moment at this time of crisis for all of us, desperate.

We BUY olive wood from small Bethlehem workshops or cooperatives, embroidered bags and purses from West Bank villages and of course extra virgin olive oil from the last solely Christian village in Palestine, Taybeh (Biblical Ephraim). Ever popular are brightly coloured ceramics from Hebron and from Jerusalem and beautiful opal and silver jewellery too. Fairly traded mineral soaps and dates are also popular as gifts.

We SELL locally and in the West of Scotland at craft fairs and church and other stalls.

These crafts help to TELL the story of the rich culture of the Palestinians, fast being eroded. ALL our profits help fund special needs societies we have visited in Bethlehem, pay school fees for 2 Christian children in Bethlehem and Jerusalem, contribute to the House of Elderly in Bethlehem (no pensions here!) and donate to Hebron International Relief (HIRN) and Medical Aid to Palestinians (MAP) for impoverished GAZA.

The virus outbreak here might seem appalling but it is so much worse for those with little or no savings, no adequate healthcare system, no state aid and the constant fear of homes being demolished, terrifying soldier incursions and the uprooting of precious, ancient olive trees. We obviously have no stalls at present but we DO have crafts and gifts aplenty so please remember us when you need to thank all those kind and wonderful friends and neighbours who have helped every one of us through this crisis. Your generosity here is a life line there.

A Covid safe outdoor 'shop' has been set up by Juliet and can be visited on appointment. To see the range of products, click here.

Contact – 01505 612963 and




01505 612975

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